#18: What is Your Relationship to Money? Lessons From Burnout as a Financial Trader & 10 Years of Traveling w/ Mar Michelle Häusler, Founder of Give & Take Lab

Hello! I’m Julian and I’m a Gen Z entrepreneur, software engineer, and podcaster. I am the fusion of an ambitious entrepreneur, a tech whiz, a futurist, a productivity aficionado, and a self-improvement junkie.
I am currently the Co-Founder & CEO at Mindflow (https://apple.co/3QFdPlE). Previously, I was the co-founder & CTO at Vize and worked as a Software Engineer at Meta, LinkedIn, and Goldman Sachs.

There is no other person who is exactly like you in the world who can offer what you offer. And if you are not offering what is unique to you, the world is missing out. And sometimes, it’s even selfish that you’re not offering that because we are all missing out on your amazing gifts.

– Mar Michelle Häusler

Most people simply view money as a means of satisfying their material desires. For Mar, having power over one’s finances tasted like freedom. She believed it would make her happy, but it didn’t.

Now what? At 21, Mar became a financial trader in a Wolf of Wall Street-esque environment in London. After reaching the peak of her career half a decade later, Mar acquired her Master’s degree in Economics at Schumacher college and embarked on a personal and spiritual growth journey by traveling the world—for 10 years. Reinvigorating her aspiration, she then formulated the Me, Myself, and Money methodology. Her first workshop and online course explored our inner and emotional relationship to money.

Mar Michelle Häusler is the Founder of Give & Take Lab, a collaborative laboratory focused on advancing the exploration of new ways of interacting with money, and Time4Changers, a learning journey for Generation Z individuals to birth their purpose projects, and Creator of the Inkiri social currency.

I don’t think your purpose completely changes from what you’ve done in the past. It’s an integration of your whole path.”

– Mar Michelle Häusler

💬 Discussed in this episode…

● [4:43] How Mar realized her values were misaligned in financial trading
● [7:20] Mar’s journey traveling the world
● [10:28] What money is to Mar and her relationship with it
● [15:01] Money is a neutral energy that amplifies what it projects
● [15:47] Questions people can ask themselves to improve their relationship with money
● [17:43] About Give & Take Lab and their Why
● [20:51] Problems or challenges of Generation Z individuals that Time4Changers aims to solve
● [23:38] The most valuable concept for young entrepreneurs
● [25:28] How the average person or young entrepreneur can find their purpose
● [28:47] How Mar balances “doing” and “being”
● [35:26] How Mar views success and measures it
● [39:20] What has being an entrepreneur taught Mar about life
● [41:50] How Mar will invent the future

What PROBLEM is Give & Take Lab solving?

If money didn’t exist, what would you be doing with your time right now? People’s relationship with money is often fueled by a rat race pattern or the fear mentality that drives us to chase financial stability. We don’t give ourselves the space to grow.

Money is a neutral energy, amplifying the entities you project. Many people project scarcity and attract that as well, despite their attachment to a stable “9-5” that supplies them with secure wealth.

Moreover, our society is not built to let kids dream. The world closes you down from a young age. The impossibility of a fulfilling life without financial strain is pushed onto us.

🛠️ What is Give & Take Lab’s SOLUTION?

An empowering community centered around three fundamental pillars: awareness, connection, and empowerment.

The Lab has facilitated the reformation of thousands of people’s personal relationship to money across the globe. Their strategy is anchored in perspective-shifting, connecting to oneself, and feeling the energies of those important to you and your community.

Instead of subscribing to one course of action, they offer an opportunity to our future leaders for changing the world by resonating deeper with one’s core self. There’s only one unique “you.” There’s no other person exactly like you in the world that can offer what you’re offering. If you’re not offering, the world is missing out.

Strategically collaborating with the education system, Time4Changers aims to embed crucial concepts like financial literacy, regeneration and sustainability, mental health, life purpose, and more into Generation Z individuals between 11 and 18 years of age. Before they enter their careers, they are equipped with a healthier standpoint on money as a tool, not a means.

Give & Take Lab’s mission is to “help people who feel stressed and trapped in life due to their financial situation to find a new way of relating to money – giving them freedom, clarity and more ease in their lives.”

🚀 What is Give & Take Lab’s VISION?

A future where self trust and self value is proliferated.

For teenagers and adults alike, believing in yourself and your potential contribution to the world is the cornerstone for mutually edifying advancement. No one can touch the value you hold within yourself.

Essentially, Give & Take Lab merges the spiritual and material worlds to create a balance in people’s journeys with managing their wealth.

💣 3 Value Bombs

💥 1.”Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure,” – Tony Robbins. Success does not necessarily equate to fulfillment. Evaluate whether or not your work is depleting or reenergizing you. Align with the elements that enable you to enter flow. For Mar, working with people was her primary element. Then she shifted the root of her success (her financial knowledge) into a more fulfilling endeavor (workshops and online courses).
💥 2. Money doesn’t necessarily change who you are; it allows you to become more of who you are. It’s a potential form of positive or negative energy. Leverage money as a tool to do massive good. View your relationship with money as fluid and detached. Trust that it will come and go. Even though our society is highly transactional, go against the tide and realize you will tap into it one way or another. Let go of its control over you..
💥 3. Don’t let bullshit narratives tear you down. Prioritize conviction, self-belief, and self-efficacy over the desire to be extraordinarily gifted or talented. Leave the conditions you grew up in. Break free from your original thought patterns and allow your purpose to shine. Our purpose is ingrained in us when are young; connect back to your essence. What are your tools? What are you good at? What have you learned in your life? What can you put into practice? What milestones have you already achieved?

📚 People & Resources Mentioned 

● Alan Wilson Watts
The Hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell
The Heroine’s journey by Maureen Murdock
● Indian mythology: Shiva and Shakti

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