Inventing The Future

We tell the stories of the visionary tech entrepreneurs that are solving the world's biggest problems.
The potential for entrepreneurs to disrupt industries and solve massive problems has never been greater. The decreased cost and increased power of technology has democratized our ability to solve large-scale problems. Today, a single individual or team, driven by a purpose, can transform our world.
Join Julian, the Co-founder & CEO at Mindflow, as he interviews those that are inventing our future.
The best way to predict the future is to invent it. 
So, how will you invent the future?

Latest Episodes

Episode 21

#21: Building Exponential Organizations & Transforming Broken Systems w/ Salim Ismail, Chairman at OpenExO, Founding Executive Director at Singularity University, Author, & Serial Entrepreneur

“If your product is not 10x better than the status quo, the market will ignore you. If your product is 10x better, the market can’t ignore you.”– Salim Ismail The companies that end up going bankrupt do so because they fail to disrupt...

Inventing The Future


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