#26: The Mindflow Journey: Becoming 1% Better Every Day w/ David Glass

Hello! I’m Julian and I’m a Gen Z entrepreneur, software engineer, and podcaster. I am the fusion of an ambitious entrepreneur, a tech whiz, a futurist, a productivity aficionado, and a self-improvement junkie.
I am currently the Co-Founder & CEO at Mindflow (https://apple.co/3QFdPlE). Previously, I was the co-founder & CTO at Vize and worked as a Software Engineer at Meta, LinkedIn, and Goldman Sachs.

After a 7 month hiatus, the ITF podcast is back!! 🚀

In this special comeback episode, Julian interviews his co-founder at Mindflow, David Glass.

Julian and David quit their jobs (Meta & Cisco respectively) in April (4 months ago) to take the full plunge into the entrepreneurial journey and so far, it has been an incredibly rewarding journey filled with tons of challenges, lessons, and joy.

In this episode, we cover things such as…

  1. What Mindflow is
  2. The problem that the company aims to solve
  3. Why Julian and David both quit their jobs
  4. The two pivots that Mindflow has undergone and thinking behind them
  5. Lots of wisdom on how David thinks and looks at life

“Comfort isn’t exactly what I’m optimizing for” — David Glass, when asked why he quit his job to take the full leap into entrepreneurship.

🌎 What is Mindflow?

Mindflow is a social platform centered around personal growth. 🌱

The goal of the platform is to make it fun and easy for growth-driven people to take action in the direction of becoming a better version of themselves every day.

❗Mindflow is LIVE → check it out on the App Store: https://apple.co/3QFdPlE

❗ What PROBLEM is Mindflow solving?

A study that polled over 1,000 people who invested in personal development seminars/courses, set goals, and worked on those goals for 90 day found that 96% of their efforts completely failed. (Business Insider, 2017)

Another study by the University of Scranton found that 92% of goals set by people during the New Year are never achieved. (Inc. Magazine, 2016)

Needless to say, CHANGE IS HARD ❗

Many growth-driven people have the motivation and desire to be better and integrate the habits that are important to them, but often fail to execute on this motivation because…

  • The inertia of their current patterns of behavior proves to be too strong
  • They have unconscious limiting beliefs, weak mindsets, or irrational fears that hold them back
  • They try to make these changes by themselves and therefore lack accountability, encouragement, and guidance
  • They don’t understand behavior change science, and thus their plans have lower chances of succeeding

🛠️ What is Mindflow’s SOLUTION?

The way Mindflow works is that you will get 4 quests every day of small positive actions to take across different categories:

🏃‍♂️ Wellness — get you moving or in touch with your body (ex: go for a run or meditate)

😳 Seek Discomfort — face your fears and make memories (ex: asking for free coffee at a cafe)

📚 Learning — quench your curiosity with high quality curated videos and blogs

🔍 Self Discovery — seek to understand yourself better with introspective journalling prompts (ex: what is one area where you have been falling short of your expectations?)

Mindflow’s mission is to “inspire a generation of life-long doers to take joy in becoming 1% better every day”

✍🏼 Recommended Action From David: Reflection Prompt…

What way of being do you want to enable in the world? What type of world do you want to create/enable? What are the things that are blocking that world from currently existing today? Identifying and overcoming the blockers is where opportunity exists.

📚 People & Resources Mentioned

  • Joe Edelman & The Meaning Economy

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Episode 26
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