#28: Competing against AWS & Google in Text-to-Speech & Raising $300K w/ Eric Jung, Co-founder & CEO at Unreal Speech#28:

Hello! I’m Julian and I’m a Gen Z entrepreneur, software engineer, and podcaster. I am the fusion of an ambitious entrepreneur, a tech whiz, a futurist, a productivity aficionado, and a self-improvement junkie.
I am currently the Co-Founder & CEO at Mindflow (https://apple.co/3QFdPlE). Previously, I was the co-founder & CTO at Vize and worked as a Software Engineer at Meta, LinkedIn, and Goldman Sachs.

If you don’t know how to rest, you don’t know how to work.

Eric Jung

After testing over 12 ideas and founding 3 companies, Eric Jung is currently focused on building Unreal Speech, a Text-to-Speech software service that he claims is better and 8x cheaper than AWS. The text-to speech uses an ultra realistic AI narrator that is trained to sound audiobook-esque. The software can for example read any piece of text in the voice of Jordan Peterson or Gary Vee.

Eric is a South Korean founder living in San Francisco, and he became inspired to work on tools to help people consume information after learning to speak English by watching YouTube videos in English with closed captions in Korean.

Eric recently launched on Product Hunt, earning the #3 spot for the day and also raised $300K from the founders of Readwise, Shaan Puri, and Furqan Rydham.

I’m more worried about other startups than AWS or Google.

Eric Jung

💬 Discussed in this episode…

  • Where does your purpose come from?
  • The future of AI & the value of automation
  • Will everything be automated? Should everything be automated?
  • What is Unreal Speech and what problem are you solving?
  • How the hell are you competing with AWS and other giants?
  • How would you respond to AWS and other competitors lowering their price?
  • “I’m more worried about other startups than AWS or Google”
  • How do you handle criticism?
  • What stage are you at right now and what challenges are you facing?
  • The concept of WHO not HOW
  • Have you found PMF? How do you find PMF?
  • How Eric raised $300K
  • Work-life balance: Eric surfs almost every day as a founder
  • What do you want to become, create, achieve, and give in your life?

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Episode 28
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